Online Sales

An increasing number of high-value transactions are taking place online, often with the artwork purchased without inspection or viewing of the actual physical object itself. This growing sales platform requires more support for the buyer and provides an opportunity for the seller to provide additional, reassuring information to preserve or increase value.

For buyers: ArtDiscovery’s analysis will provide you with the information you need to buy online with confidence and peace of mind. We can also work closely with our provenance researchers to dig deeper into the transactional and ownership history of a new purchase.

For sellers: ArtDiscovery helps you increase the value of your pieces before selling by adding crucial information to support their value and authenticity in order to encourage maximum interest and top price. We can also help you obtain the approval of the connoisseur or other experts by providing a thorough information package to the individuals, committees or foundations making the determination of authenticity.

From our extensive studies and analyses of multiple works by Modigliani, we have built a significant dataset on the artist's methods of paint application, brushwork features, the types of brushes used as well as idiosyncratic techniques that are characteristic of the artist. With our data library, we have helped many clients successfully attribute their paintings to Modigliani.