Collectors and Private Owners

ArtDiscovery helps you prepare your artwork for sale. When you are thinking of selling, you will be assembling as much information as possible to enhance the value of your piece, including provenance and connoisseurial opinion. But there is often more…and sometimes you just have to know where to look. Let us help you discover new aspects of your artwork to increase market potential and value, as well as putting forward a well-grounded authentication position.

If your artwork has little to no provenance and has not been confirmed by connoisseurial experts, it can be problematic to sell the piece at a desirable price. ArtDiscovery offers a comprehensive information package with examinations that include both provenance research and technical art history that provide the most secure starting point from which to obtain a connoisseurial opinion and to bring a work to sale.

If you are looking to purchase a new work of art, ArtDiscovery can help you verify the piece in question. From authentication to attribution to dating to condition, we help you buy art with confidence.

John Constable
Thanks to technical imaging analysis, ArtDiscovery helped turn a $5,000 purchase that was deemed "after John Constable" into a $5 million painting attributed directly to the artist.