ArtDiscovery provides ultra-high resolution digital images at multiple wavelengths, including ultraviolet fluorescence (UV), visible, infrared (IR) and X-rays. Paintings are imaged on an automated scanner system, which operates so that the resolution of fine detail is constant, and not dependent on the size of the painting. This quality is extremely important, such as when examining features of the artist’s technique, or painting condition, and allows for images of the highest detail resolution. The three-dimensional surface of paintings can be captured with our 3D scanner, to reveal working practices and condition.

We use our own images as part of our day-to-day research. Clients also use our images for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • To better understand the piece they have
  • As part of dossiers for artworks offered for sale
  • To help with conservation work and to assess/document condition
  • For security and identification purposes
  • For high-quality reproductions