Authentication and Attribution

Attribution and authenticity are key to understanding and establishing value. Attribution is the process of assessing the identity of the artist who made a work of art. This is ideally done by using all possible information, blending material analysis with connoisseurial considerations. For an attributed artwork to be widely accepted as genuine, authenticity must be proven with strong evidence and facts. At ArtDiscovery, we help you with both the attribution and authentication processes.

Attribution is a key concept in art history as well as in establishing value: who is this work by? Is it from the master or a student? An original or a later copy? Whether looking to find the identity of the artist responsible for a newly discovered work or challenging the authenticity of something suspect, attribution is the underlying question.

ArtDiscovery has advanced techniques and extensive experience in providing scientific evidence in a technical art historical context for authenticity and attribution. Our services include:

  • Dating by means of analysis and use of material chronologies
  • Scientific imaging for stylistic and technical evaluation
  • Technical investigation on artists and their circles
  • Preparation of easy-to-understand reports with supporting data evaluating the technical evidence

We have had considerable success in both authentication and attribution studies. ArtDiscovery has had key roles in internationally important discoveries and reattributions of paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt, Velázquez, Watteau and Kandinsky amongst many others.