Auction Houses

ArtDiscovery’s quick turnaround time allows you to receive fast and reliable results before a sale, in time for your staff and potential buyers to make informed decisions, with confidence. Our expedited services are some of the fastest in the industry, without losing the quality you have come to expect from us. For example, we can complete imaging in a day while we turn results for material analysis in three days (maybe quicker).

ArtDiscovery works closely with all the major auction houses to support authentication, attribution, dating, and other key features to increase market appeal and enhance value of artworks prior to sale. From Old Master paintings to the Impressionists, through Modern and Contemporary, we have the background and necessary experience to address various genres as well as types of art from paintings to sculptures, drawings, and much, much more. We collaborate with your specialists to ensure secure and successful transactions.

Sometimes, auction houses receive consignments that lack sufficient information to add them to a sale. We can help identify and document valuable discoveries while identifying works that pose risk. Equally, our results and imaging can be used in marketing materials, providing compelling visuals and stories that can raise interest.

Studio of Rembrandt
A new attribution! It was only recently that the panel painting portrait of the artist in a black cap, scarf and steel gorget, was attributed to Studio of Rembrandt by Christie’s with the help of dendrochronology analysis performed by ArtDiscovery. Dendrochronology determined the panel would have been ready for use as early as circa 1631.